Mainframe Specialist

RSD (Geneva) and self-employed

Years in IT—

My first mainframe job—

I was a COBOL programmer at Xerox (France) on a 3083 with MVS/SP, Roscoe, Panvalet, etc. I knew nothing about mainframes, but got really excited and became a systems programmer in a few years. In 30 years, I've tested all the mainframe-related positions: Assembler programmer, security (RACF) specialist, software product designer, consultant, Y2K guru and even some weird jobs like "data-mover" (to support DASD migration projects) and mainframe hacker (achieving penetration tests and "cracking" the MVS system).

My favorite mainframe attribute—
When I discovered that with the Assembler language you can have the machine do whatever you want, I went for it and cranked code to make my life easier. Above all, I appreciate the "when in trouble, you need not reboot" mainframe philosophy, the inherent security, and the "no-mouse, no-icons no-funny-flashy-widgets" frame of mind.
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