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Years in IT—
32 (gulp!)

My first mainframe job—
I was a science and math teacher at a local school and was given the opportunity to spend two weeks in the industry. I was introducing IT lessons into the curriculum, so I chose to visit a mainframe bureau nearby. There, I got to meet clients who used the mainframe and found out what they did. I spent a lot of time with the systems programmers, operators, application programmers and users. I was convinced this was really fascinating stuff—and at the end of the two weeks, they offered me a job. I jumped at the opportunity, and the rest, as they say, is history.

My favorite mainframe attribute—
Its ability to constantly change and yet, in so many ways, stay pretty much same. Over the years, I’ve seen so many great innovations. I’ve seen mainframes go from a wall of flashing lights to something far more subtle looking. I’ve seen CICS cycle back to version 1 again! I remember when PR/SM seemed like such a game changer—like the zEnterprise 196 could well be. And yet, if I had a conversation with me in 1979, we could talk about COBOL and CICS and IMS, and VM, etc. It’s the ability to support legacy systems and still be innovative—that’s what I like.

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