Now retired, previously Application Programmer, Systems Programmer and Various roles at Amdahl.

Rolls Royce and Amdahl (UK)

Years in IT—
22 at Royce's, 14 at Amdahl and 13 in retirement.

My first mainframe job—
In 1965, I joined Rolls Royce as an application programmer writing Autocoder for a 7074. When the first System 360 arrived, much time was spent rewriting applications in PL/1, but I managed to avoid doing that and continued writing in Assembler.

After a few years as an application programmer, I moved to the software group as a systems programmer working with OS. It was my pleasure to install and maintain VM/370 on a 148 dedicated for systems programming use.

After two years on secondment to Rolls Royce Inc (Atlanta) and having installed a network of PCs, I decided, like others before me, that my interest lay more in IT than in aero engines and joined a mainframe manufacturer, Amdahl.

My favorite mainframe attribute—
As pointed out by others, the fact that programs written for a S360 machine will still work on today's zEnterprise systems. Mind you, this is after IBM's thoughts of trying to introduce 'Future Series' had been squashed by customers not wanting another rewrite.

My favorite mainframe memory—
There are so many, but ignoring my time with Amdahl, here's a few:

  1. IPLing any one of three S360/65s and listening to the clunks as NIP read the volume label on all eight bins of the attached 2321 DataCell.
  2. Along with Sav Mellor, successfully developing a VM/370 CMS virtual machine to drive a 3850 MSS directly for systems programming purposes.
  3. As Sav has said, having had the privilege of being part of one of the best systems programming groups in the world.
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