Mainframe Consulting Manager, Mainframe Technical Specialist, Mainframe Project Manager

MindTree, an India-based IT services company

Years in IT—

My first mainframe job—
I was selected by a India-based IT services company Kanbay (now part if Capgemini) as part of its final year Campus Recruitment Program in 2002. I was then trained on mainframe technologies from an application perspective and was asked to develop an online and batch mainframe application as a prototype. On successful completion of the mainframe-training program, I was deployed into my first mainframe project for a US-based auto insurance company. My first job was to develop an online CICS-MQ-DB2 module, which would get triggered whenever a message was put on to a queue and later on update DB2 tables. It was indeed a wonderful learning experience, and I still remember those days!

My favorite mainframe attribute—
Whenever critics mention that it is going away, mainframe and mainframe makers reinvent themselves. The attributes that I like of mainframes are 1.) The ability to run multiple operating systems (virtualization); 2.) Handling of very high-volume input and output (I/O); 3.) Security; and 4.) Timesharing.
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