Senior Capacity Planner

Acxiom ITO

Years in IT—

My first mainframe job—
I was six months from graduating from college when I became a Junior Tech Specialist at Equifax. My first role was to rework Cobol code for a billing application to migrate from 3330 to 3350 DASD. It was during my time at Equifax that I found my niche, which is Capacity Management and Forecasting.

My favorite mainframe memory—
Watching the evolution of capacity forecasting and modeling over the last three decades. From the very first model and capacity forecast where we were projecting out just a few months to being able to predict out 12 to 18 months. Going to Raleigh for SNAP/SHOT to the ability to create models on a laptop. However, the same premise that was true 35 years ago is still true today—what you put into the plan determines how accurate it is. The more information, the better the plan.
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