CTO and Business Development Manager

Vicom Infinity, Inc., an IBM Premier Business Partner

Years in IT—

My first mainframe job—
IBM Endicott Glendale Lab Level 2 PSR for z/VSE and z/VM

My favorite mainframe memory—
When IBM decided to invest into Linux in the 1999 timeframe, I was offered the chance to join the elite Linux Impact Team. I was hesitant to join the team but I am sure glad that I did in retrospect. I was the first member of this team in the U.S., which was a cross-server team. Working on this team gave me the opportunity to learn about x86 and RISC architectures and how they could support and enhance the System z from a Linux perspective as well as how they competed. When Linux on System z was enabled to run on z/VM to support Linux VMs, our clients on Wall Street became enamored with the possibilities. Soon thereafter, many firms on the Street implemented Linux on System z and the rest is history. Also, with help from my colleagues, we established the N.Y. System z Linux Executive Customer Council with only four customers, which is now over 160-plus and still growing stronger each year. To this day, I have the great pleasure to continue assisting IBM with running this council to help foster the growth of Linux on System z under z/VM, which is even further enhanced by the newest member of the zEnterprise family, the zBladeCenter Extension.

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