Managing Director

Windsor Group

Years in IT—

My first mainframe job—
After my sophomore year in college, I took a college supplemental job with IBM in the FE Division in Oakland, Calif. Initially, I vacuumed out 1403 Printers and 2540 Card Reader/Punches, but that evolved into helping the CEs install engineering changes on all of the System/360s and their peripherals around the San Francisco East Bay. It was a GREAT job!

My favorite mainframe attribute—
I love all of the hype today about cloud computing and how it is such a great new concept. In 1992, I took over ACS's (now Xerox) California data center. We had a single mainframe system, on which we ran a single LPAR. On that one LPAR, I ran all of the processing for over 40 different companies. Each had their own CICS regions with either DB2 or IDMS databases. Security? ACF2 and naming conventions kept them completely isolated. I charged them by the CPU minute, used GB and tape mount, plus their network connectivity. Someone please explain why that wasn't cloud computing.
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