Senior Systems Programmer


Years in IT—

My first mainframe job—
It was the implementation and tuning of all production applications running under the OS/390 operating system in Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI). The system architecture was MVS/XA. MVS/XA was a version of MVS that supported the 370-XA architecture, which expanded addresses from 24 bits to 31 bits, providing a 2 GB addressable memory area.

My favorite mainframe attribute—
Mainframes offer several cost advantages as well as simplified manageability, data handling, security and more. Mainframe still dominates in mission-critical computing applications such as banking and other finance services systems as well as public services and governmental information systems, which currently are well known as electronic-government or e-Gov. Especially for z/OS, the most popular large-scale computing platform which is able to accommodate MVS legacy and UNIX applications in a single host, either real or virtual. Meanwhile, skills around its pilot's cabin are really in short supply. And also, System z is named for its availability—z is for zero downtime.
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