zCost Management

Years in IT—

My first mainframe job—
System engineer. As a consultant, I developed solid skills in mainframe engineering and architecture. Since I started 25 years ago, this job has allowed me to be involved in many of our customers’ (some of which are major mainframe accounts) migration, merger or consolidation projects. It also allowed me to understand the mainframe ecosystem by dealing with suppliers like IBM, other ISVs or telecommunication providers. Thanks to this, I figured out how to enter the ecosystem, how to become an ISV myself. I was just waiting to have the right idea.

My favorite mainframe memory—
In the beginning of the 2000s, the mainframe charter and the introduction of sub-capacity licensing in IBM’s ELA contracts allowed me to actively help customers in their software cost control projects. After a few soft-capping implementations, the idea of introducing flexibility in that feature came to me. I finally had THE idea and, since I knew how the mainframe ecosystem worked, I was ready to enter in the global mainframe market. Hence, for the past six years, we have been creating a new market with our star product AutoSoftCapping; it has been a most enriching human adventure I will never forget.
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