Software engineer


Years in IT—

My first mainframe job—
My first job was as an Industrial Trainee developing features for the CICS TS Systems Management product (known at the time as CPSM). That was a pretty intense first six months; my only experience from university was with languages like Java, JavaScript and Haskell but my first "real" job in the industry had me developing features in IBM High Level Assembler. I haven't felt as out of my depths as I did in those first months … but once I was out of the other end, it's been nothing but great times!

My favorite mainframe attribute and memory—
The fundamentals! I love that the mainframe constantly changes and people keep innovating with it into the new trends of the industry, but ultimately it's the fundamentals of the mainframe, Throughput, scalability, reliability, security, consistency, etc. that have been knocking the competition out of the park! From day one in the 60s to the present day nothing compares; for classic or new workloads. 

My best memory was IMPACT 2014. There was a hope that the newer 'framers could get together and carve out one of the days to have a meet up. What a night! I haven't been so impressed and inspired to see so many newer people on System z get together with a joint passion for the mainframe.
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