Computers and Publishing, Inc.

Years in IT—
44 professionally, not counting computing in college or on summer jobs

My first mainframe job—
At a summer job, as the "smart college kid," I was the liaison between a large bank's stock transfer back-office and IT department, including occasionally verifying punch card accuracy by visually scanning punches. More seriously, after graduation, joining IBM Poughkeepsie's OS/360 System Design Department following six months full-time system programming training. I can't imagine a better place and way to start a mainframe career.

My favorite mainframe memory—
In 1972, installing VM/370 Release 1 at Mitre Corporation, seeing it quickly/dramatically transform the not-for-profit corporation's research and reporting done for government agencies, and helping create/shape the wonderful and still-vibrant VM community.

Favorite attribute—
Architectural evolutionary continuity/compatibility showing the wisdom—genius!—of original architects creating a system with ever-increasing scalability and adaptability for new requirements.
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