Software Developer

Self employed; currently looking for assignments.

Years in IT—
I started in 1988 and was lucky to work and develop in TPF VM and MVS—most of the time in Assembler but also in COBOL and REXX.

My first mainframe job—
I was a TPF programmer for EL-AL Israeli Airlines.

My favorite mainframe attribute—
Above all, it's VM. I discovered this operating system at EL-AL, and I fell in love with it. It is such a wonderful system, because it offers you means to design and implement solutions to problems that seem impossible to solve. And since CMS was architecturally a mainframe machine, all you had to do to become an expert developer was to read the POP and bit VM stuff (CP commands, etc). I also remember Pipes fondly. It was an excellent tool. It seemed so heavenly designed that the system that saved the mainframe and our careers was Linux, which first appeared on the mainframe hosted under VM.
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