Program Director, System z Stack Strategy and Portfolio Management


Years in IT—

My first mainframe job—
It was working as a software engineer on the Transaction Processing Facility (TPF). It was a great job on a highly optimized operating system, totally geared for high transaction processing rates. The projects were so varied and interesting across the system—channel code, file storage, cache synchronization across machines, IDEs, etc. It also allowed me to gain skills from design through development, test and customer support. It was a fun place to work with a lot of camaraderie.

My favorite mainframe attribute—
It's hard to pick just one given the strong underlying traits—security, reliability, availability, scalability, etc. However, I would have to say the adaptability the platform has shown over the nearly 50 years it has been running the core business of many of the largest companies in the world. This is enabled by the extremely well-architected core of the system, the tight integration and optimization across the platform, and the brilliant talent who have made the platform what it is today.

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