Xbridge Systems Inc.

Years in IT—

My first mainframe job—
Systems Programmer at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Introduced TSO in 1969. When we needed better job submission and output retrieval support, I used the Wylbur job submission and retrieval process for TSO. For the introduction of MVS, I redesigned it so it took a JES2 Output Dataset and turned it into a JES2 input dataset which could be read via an ACB/DCB combination. The result of this was the JES2/TSO Interface Package which was used by Mutual Life of Canada, General Electric and even the IBM Development Labs. This has now been replaced by SDSF. By this time, I was assistant director and was asked to form the SHARE Security Project. We delivered requirements to IBM in 1974 and when they delivered RACF in 1976, it did not meet the requirements and I was told they were unachievable, so I developed ACF2 in 1978.

Since then, I have worked on developing access analysis software for EKC; the Shadow product for Neon Systems; a new security product, Deadbolt, for John Moores, founder of BMC software; I was chief security architect for Vanguard Integrity Professionals and am now president of Xbridge Systems, which has the only mainframe data discovery product.

My favorite mainframe attribute—
Obviously, the system integrity which allows for true system security.
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