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Free online course explains the role of System z in business analytics

3/6/2013 1:01:01 AM | For several years running, CIOs have identified business intelligence and analytics as their number-one priority in the IBM Global CIO Study. These CIOs cite visionary plans to increase competitiveness with analytics, and IBM has responded to this need with new solutions designed to give customers the competitive advantage they seek. Customers who understand the basics of business analytics (BA) and how the IBM offerings in this area can help their business have a distinct advantage to position their organization for growth.

However, many are unaware of how System z technology is positioned to set the standard as the optimal platform for BA and predictive analytics. The System z platform brings with it a distinct opportunity to change the game within the BA world.

To help customers understand how the mainframe is an ideal platform for BA, IBM offers a free online course, “The Value of Business Analytics on System z.” Course modules explore BA, its key components and how System z and zEnterprise environments are the ideal analytics platforms. The course is designed to answer:

• Why is BA right for the mainframe?
• What is BA and how does it help IBM customers?
• What’s the value of running BA on System z?
• Where do IBM customers go to learn more about BA?

Customers may download “The Value of Business Analytics on System z” at System z eLearning for IBM Customers. Additional free online courses sponsored by the IBM System z Software and Technical Sales Enablement team include the following:

• “The Value and Differentiation of System z” delves into the myths and realities of the mainframe, and explains why and how IBM System z technology can help customers strategically position their company for future growth.
• “The Value of Linux on System z” explores the benefits of using Linux on System z to take control of one’s IT infrastructure and its spiraling costs.
• “The Value of Cloud Computing on System z” explains how the mainframe continues to provide the adaptability in supporting the latest cloud advances.

For more information about these courses, contact Scott Harris at

Scott Harris is an IBM and PMI certified project manager responsible for developing internal enablement on System z, mainly for the IBM Software sellers and business partners.

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