Evangelizing Mainframe

Adapting to the ‘System z Expert’ Decline

By incorporating the best of both worlds, organizations will continue to leverage their mainframe investments and adapt to the decline in System z experts, while not overwhelming those who remain and still providing their customers with the best service possible regardless of the technology used.

Posted: 9/25/2012 12:08:49 AM by Richard Nikula

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IMS: There’s Still Life in the Old Dog!

IMS marked its 44th birthday on Aug. 14, which might make you think it’s  out-of-date and of no interest to current mainframers, however, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Posted: 9/18/2012 12:16:53 AM by Trevor Eddolls

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The Mainframe Skills Gap: Reasons to Be Positive

Mainframe shops are very aware of the skills gap and the difficulties of attracting new talent to the mainframe because of misguided notions that it’s an outdated system. While the issue is far from resolved, the industry is moving in the right direction in many ways.

Posted: 9/11/2012 4:05:47 AM by Philip Mann

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IBM Master the Mainframe 2012: Students Strike Back

For the latest news and announcements on the contest, visit the Master the Mainframe Facebook page. Students can register on the contest homepage. The contest runs from Oct. 1 through Dec. 28.

Posted: 9/4/2012 4:06:45 AM by Mike Todd

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