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Mainframe Breach Survey Data

2019 has seen a lot of survey data published around security and breaches. All of them make very interesting reading and may well set alarm bells ringing at some sites.

Posted: 12/11/2019 10:05:46 AM by Trevor Eddolls

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Member Spotlight

IBM Client innovation center Brno

Years in IT—

My first mainframe job—
I was hired as a mainframe operator during a graduate year of my master's degree. I was told that my initial interview will be focused on a Windows AD administration so, although my interview was scheduled during my exams, I decided to fully focus on it because I wanted to join IBM. First question of my first manager was: What do you know about mainframe? I told him that I was preparing myself for a Windows interview and I have never heard of mainframe. At the end, I was hired and I have started my awesome journey in the mainframe area.

Currently, I work as a z/OS network systems programmer where I have been totally impressed by the mainframe's networking and security capabilities.

My favorite mainframe attribute—
We can spend your entire life by studying the mainframe technology and we will be still realizing that there is something we do not understand.  
Mainframe runs as a backend but as a mainframe guy you have to also understand other technologies like Linux and Windows and many others because you will be dealing with them during your entire mainframe life. As I was told by our former colleague, you are going to never be recognized as a expert in the mainframe area but rather you can be known as a guy who has impressive knowledge of everything related to a computer science ( systems programming, scripting, programming, products support, networking, etc.).

Working on a mainframe is like a lifestyle that you have to simply love or skip.

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