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Announcing the 2018 Destination z Scholarship Winners

4/5/2019 9:07:14 AM |

The 2018 Destination z Enterprise Computing Scholarship has come to a close. With so many strong applications, the competition this year was close. Ultimately, nine scholarship winners were selected:

  • Sadik Erisen, New Jersey City University
  • Tyler Havener, Northern Illinois University
  • Blake Koontz, Robert Morris University
  • Jason Jackson, University of North Texas
  • Christopher Radcliffe, Villanova University
  • Cesar Rojas, Florida International University
  • Pui Evans, Touro College
  • Guelord Gabibulu, Robert Morris University
  • Michael Bezjian, University of Miami

A huge “Congratulations!” goes out to these students, all of whom are demonstrating excellence in their enterprise computing coursework, and are dedicated to continue growing on the mainframe platform both academically and professionally.

Destination z would also like to thank Vicom Infinity, Innovation, Rocket Software and ProTech for donating to this year’s scholarship.

Dates, deadlines and information on the 2019 scholarship will be posted within the next few months. The Destination z Scholarship is designed to help aspiring mainframe professionals further their career goals. College courses are expensive, and every bit helps.  

If you’re interested in pursuing a mainframe career, you’re already taking classes related to the mainframe or you’re developing your mainframe skills in other ways, please consider applying next year.

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