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Member Spotlight

Senior SQA engineer

BMC Software India Pvt. Ltd.

Years in IT—
11 years

My first mainframe job—
My "love at first sight" with the IBM mainframe started when I landed up at my first job with UST-GLOBAL, where I started as an application programmer/developer. I had to go through a mainframe boot camp training for two months and on the very first day of the training did I realize that I was in love with the most sophisticated, robust and secure computing platform to have ever existed on planet Earth.

My favorite mainframe attribute—
I still remember my initial mainframe boot camp training days. A bunch of young guys, straight out of college, had the offer to join UST-GLOBAL. While some of us had been put into the mainframe training camp, others were getting trained on the distributed platform technologies. And, guess what? The guys getting trained on the non-mainframe technologies were so elated and we, the bunch of mainframe trainees, have had to hear on numerous occasions that our future had been doomed. Why? Because we were being trained to learn a technology that, according to them, was dead.
And, today, after about 12 years down the line, I feel extremely proud to say that I work on the IBM mainframe platform. The mainframe is not dead by any stretch of imagination and on the contrary, it gained heights of popularity and adoption as time flew. And, in 2019, the mainframe is as modern as any other platforms. The mainframe gets stronger by the day, and that is what I have always loved about this incredible computing platform: its longevity, durability and ever-growing popularity. Long live the mainframe!

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