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IBM Expands Cloud Offerings With CSL Acquisition

IBM recently announced the acquisition of Computing Solutions Leaders (CSL) International. Founded in 2004 by Sharon Chen, CSL has become a lead provider of virtualization management technology for IBM zEnterprise Systems. It provides a variety of services such as support for z/VM, Linux on System z and z/OS, infrastructure assistance, short and long-term consulting, education, and troubleshooting.

The acquisition was a strategic move by IBM to expand its cloud offerings and capabilities. According to the press release, with virtualization, a foundation of cloud computing, “IBM offers expansive scalability with a shared-everything design point for maximum utilization.”

This investment will include the CSL-WAVE product, which enables companies to monitor and manage z/VM and Linux on System z environments. It allows users to manage thousands of Linux business applications from a single visual interface, act on an individual server or the whole system at once. The product’s automation features and consolidated virtual infrastructure provide the tools necessary to master IT complexity. CSL-WAVE will be available in IBM’s portfolio by early 2014.
"With CSL-WAVE software in our portfolio, it will be easier for new and existing clients to set up and manage clouds on the mainframe, enabling them to provide enhanced services and support around big data, analytics and mobile to their customers," said Patrick Toole, General manager of IBM System z, in a statement.

This is one of many developments IBM has announced for the zEnterprise portfolio. Central to these recent developments is the new zEnterprise BC12, a business-class mainframe designed to enable analytics, cloud and mobile computing. It also features new industry solutions, enhanced software and OS upgrades for z/VM and z/OS. In a statement by Toole he notes:

“Analytics, cloud and mobile computing are changing the way businesses in all industries engage with their customers. IBM's zEnterprise technologies address these challenges by providing clients with a powerful and highly secure platform to manage new and emerging workloads, helping speed time to market, reduce costs and stimulate business growth by making stronger connections with customers."

The acquisition of CSL, and specifically CSL-WAVE, is one way IBM is enabling customers with additional power and flexibility to develop private cloud environments to combat their IT challenges built around Linux on System z.

For more information on zEnterprise Systems and CSL-WAVE, check out this video.

Kathryn Bakke is an MSP TechMedia editorial intern.

Posted: 9/17/2013 1:01:01 AM by Kathryn Bakke

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