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New Poster Captures the Mainframer Mosiac

In what has got to be one of the greatest PR coups of all time—back in July, IBM invited people to send in a photo to go on a “Proud to be part of z” poster. Even if your picture wasn’t selected, you would receive a printed poster, project organizers said. And now, in November, the poster is ready.

So what you’ve got is a whole lot of people talking about IBM’s idea, sending in a photo, talking about it through the summer and autumn while waiting to see the result, and then when the poster is produced, talking about it some more. That's tons of publicity without the IBM PR machine needing to do very much.
Anyway, last Thursday (Nov. 8), my copy of the System z poster arrived. Have a look at the bottom row, third from the left. It’s a great game to see how many of the faces you recognize. And notice how not all these mainframers look like they’re in their 50s and 60s—some are positively youthful!

The poster features 153 images (I didn’t count, I just assume someone from IBM got the number right) of mainframers from 81 companies in 28 different countries.

The letter that came with the poster states: “We’re looking forward to attracting the attention of the mainframer community all over world.” This fits with my opening thoughts about how successful the IBM PR machine is. The letter goes on to say: “We would like to invite you to further promote our website and our marvellous poster.” So, without further ado, let me promote their website at ibm.com/zsw.

So it's a bit of fun, and a lot of publicity for the System z community. IBM says it will be holding a prize drawing among all participants in which 10 people can win a matching frame to go with the poster. I’m proud to have my picture included. I’m sure the other 152 people are as well.

And finally, can I remind mainframers to complete the user survey at www.arcati.com/usersurvey13. Participants will receive a free copy of the survey results as soon as they’re available.

Trevor Eddolls is CEO at iTech-Ed Ltd., an IT consultancy. For many years, he was the editorial director for Xephon’s Update publications and is now contributing editor to the Arcati Mainframe Yearbook. Eddolls has written three specialist IT books, and has had numerous technical articles published. He currently chairs the Virtual IMS and Virtual CICS user groups.

Posted: 11/20/2012 2:36:06 PM by Trevor Eddolls

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