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Advisory Board Seeks to Empower Destination z Membership

As the IBM Destination z community continues to expand and evolve, our ongoing mission is to deliver relevant content and a useful gathering point for mainframe professionals. To that end, we’re establishing an advisory board to help guide the development of articles, offerings and other content on destinationz.org.

This month, the Destination z team has begun inviting individuals to participate on this member-focused board. It will feature a balanced cross-section of the community’s membership, including business partners, academics, user groups and mainframe professionals.

The panel’s objective is to provide guidance and support in the development and expansion of the Destination z community. Members will have the opportunity to help guide:

• The Destination z website’s features and functionality
• Topic selection for articles highlighted in the DzInsider newsletter
• Participation in the community forums
• Activities, events and other efforts to expand membership
• Business partner programs
• Member benefit offerings

The advisory group will meet quarterly, beginning in 2012. Any mainframe professionals interested in participating are encouraged to contact me at mwestholder@msptechmedia.com for more information.

Mike Westholder is site editor of Destinationz.org.

Posted: 11/29/2011 10:09:35 AM by Mike Westholder

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