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SHARE Keynote: The IBM z13 Mainframe Works With Mobile

The way people conduct business, and demands and expectations are changing how work is done.

“Mobile is changing the way we live, the way we work. It really is a productivity tool at work, changing how we connect,” says Ross Mauri, general manager, IBM z Systems. “The mobile phone is becoming the face of companies. The mobile phone app is becoming the face of the clients.”

Mauri notes on average mobile users are involved in 37 transactions per day, and that number is expected to reach around 100 transactions per user per day in four years. In 2004, by comparison, the number was one transaction a day.

To meet mobile demand and growth, IBM has introduced the newest mainframe, the IBM z13. When Mauri delivered the opening session keynote address at SHARE in Seattle on March 2, he outlined the z13’s many capabilities.

The newest mainframe represents a more than $1 billion investment with more than 5,000 developers and it was co-created with clients, Mauri says. He goes on to note it includes up to 141 cores delivering 40 percent more capacity, simultaneous multithreading for Java and Linux, 320 separate channels of dedicated I/O, and 10 TB memory to eliminate I/O for a better response time.

“I remember my first job at IBM—memory was gold, to be preserved," Mauri recalls. “I’m telling you to get over that … memory can change your performance characteristics.”

Mainframes account for 68 percent of production workloads, but only 6 percent of IT spending. “This is really interesting to me,” Mauri observes.

When Mauri asked the audience if they run Linux on z Systems, about a third of the hands went up. “Linux isn’t a toy, it isn’t there for fun,” he counters. “It is a significant portion of our business. We are going to continue to enhance that environment for you.”

As mobile becomes more pervasive, analytics can drive true differentiation in engagement. Bringing analytics to where the data and transitions originate will result in the greatest value. “With the z13, it brings it together and changes it forever,” he notes. “Keeping the full data lifecycle on the mainframe means lower cost but creates true business value.”

In the next five years, many companies are expected to deply a hybrid cloud—public through a system of engagement and their own information. “I think hybrid cloud is where most companies, including yours and ours, will end up,” he predicts.

Read more about the z13 in the Destination z announcement blog post.

Valerie Dennis is site editor of Destination z.

Posted: 3/10/2015 12:45:20 AM by Valerie Dennis

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