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Destination z: Prepare for Liftoff

Welcome to Destination z. I want to thank all of the IBM System z customers, business partners, IBMers, teachers and students who have elected to join Destination z.

The benefits of membership are many. As a Destination z member, you are eligible for significant discounts on the cost of IBM Mainframe-related conferences. And you will also receive IBM Dz Insider, a monthly email newsletter, highlighting the latest System z developments.

Through Destination z, you’ll be able to connect with IBM Mainframe experts on topics that are relevant to you. We also encourage you to assist new System z users and students who have questions about your favorite business computing platform.

Destination z features exclusive editorial content you’ll find nowhere else. We also provide feeds to IBM Mainframe blogs and Twitter feeds. Our z&A forum is designed for both new customers as well as veterans, and the Partners section offers access to IBM System z solution providers from around the globe. You can also check out video, news, events, academic resources and many other features on the website.

We’re just getting started with Destination z, and it’s an exciting time for all of us. This is a collaborative effort. We hope you’ll make this site a frequent stop, and we look forward to your suggestions on making it more relevant and valuable to all advocates of System z.

Doug Rock is publisher of MSP TechMedia, which produces Destination z.

Posted: 6/28/2011 10:45:07 AM by Doug Rock

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