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Enterprise Systems Educator Seminar: A Meeting of the Minds

This summer, 30 professors from around the U.S. attended the IBM Enterprise Systems Educator Seminar at the iSchool on the campus of Syracuse University in New York. The purpose of this 2 1/2-day seminar was to bring together professors who have incorporated enterprise computing into their curriculums with those looking for advice and resources on how to do so.

These educators learned how to implement enterprise systems curriculum into their existing courses from more experienced professors. The sessions were a mixture of presentations and hands-on labs. The topics included:

• Introducing Enterprise Technologies by Dave Dischiave from Syracuse University
• Integrating Virtualization and Linux into the Curriculum by Cameron Seay from North Carolina A&T
• Integrating the Fundaments of z/OS into the Curriculum by Mike Dermody and Doug Taber from BNY Mellon
• Enterprise Security by John Petreshock from IBM
• IBM Academic Initiative Update by Kathy Pfeiffer and myself
• How to Integrate DB2 using RDz into your Database Curriculum by Susan Dischiave from Syracuse

Kevin Cleary, vice president of Sales Transaction support at IBM, led the kick-off event.

The seminar also included an employer panel with guests from BNY Mellon, Fidelity, J.P. Morgan Chase and Vanguard. Panelists offered industry feedback from IBM clients we work closely with on what skills are needed in each industry. Professors are then able to take this feedback to their institution and implement the curriculum that clients deem most valuable. This makes their students that much more hirable upon graduation.

A few events gave the attendees a chance to network with others in their field to gain useful knowledge and experience; such as a buffet dinner at the Dinosaur BBQ, and a networking mixer at the iSchool.

Feedback from the seminar included a few quotes from the professors:

• “Very nice workshops. Liked the ‘hands on’ approach. Helps me see what might be incorporated into some of my classes.”
• “Well organized seminars. Very friendly staff. Excellent hand-on exercises. Right-pace for all sessions.”
• “It was a great opportunity to compare curriculum with other colleges and businesses outside of my region. Comforting to know that SCC is teaching the right stuff.”
• “Appreciated the passion people feel about enterprise systems and the reassurance that the ‘older’ skills are still needed.”

Any professor looking to integrate enterprise systems curriculum into their school or university should e-mail me at zskills@us.ibm.com for more information. We’d love to have you at next year’s IBM Enterprise Systems Educator Seminar.

Troy Crutcher has been with IBM for more than five years. He started as a systems programmer, but now works for the Academic Initiative. He works to foster relationships between IBM clients and universities around the world with the hope of bringing up the next generation of enterprise systems programmers.

Posted: 7/9/2013 1:01:01 AM by Troy D. Crutcher

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