Evangelizing Mainframe
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Picturing the New Face of Mainframe

Working with the mainframe? Upload your picture for the new “Proud to Be Part of z” poster!

Many people think the old myths about mainframe are true, e.g., no young talents are interested in or working with the System z platform. But, as you know, that is not true.

Of course, we could start discussions about the fact that there are many initiatives, like the IBM System z Academic Initiative or other educational programs for young people in the mainframe area, but let’s do it differently this time, and together with you!

Let’s create a poster showing lots of faces of young mainframe professionals, like you, from around the world—to counter this myth.

Participating is easy. Just go to the website, register and upload your photo by July 30. After that, the poster will be designed and produced. Of course, there will be an electronic version available as well.

This poster can be displayed in meeting rooms, in the data center, and on any occasion where there are doubts that the mainframe has a compelling and interesting future for many young professionals.

So join this initiative and participate in the "Proud to Be Part of z" poster!

Herwig Diessner is segment manager for Marketing and Communications of System z Software for IOT Europe.

Posted: 7/6/2012 10:25:57 AM by Herwig Diessner

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