Evangelizing Mainframe

Skills and Training Improvement Opportunities

Employers who also see the threat of their aging workforce, and those employers who don’t yet have their new mainframes staffed, will need to start bringing in next-geners to start ramping up their skills.

Posted: 4/13/2018 8:40:28 AM by Marc Smith

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Successfully Organize with Mainframe Mobile Apps

To keep in line with the modernization today’s mainframes are known for, there are mobile apps available to help. Let’s look at some of the best mainframe apps that every mainframe professional should know about.

Posted: 2/27/2018 12:00:43 AM by Hemanth Rama

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Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2018

Arcati Mainframe Yearbook 2018 is over 170 pages long, with useful information for the newest and the most experienced mainframers around.

Posted: 2/20/2018 8:00:00 AM by Trevor Eddolls

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Is Data in Motion and Data at Rest Secure

Data is far more valuable now. Detailed, in-depth customer information is housed in corporate databases around the world, as our trade secrets, corporate plans and even federal and state secrets can be found on computer systems.

Posted: 2/6/2018 12:00:21 AM by Denise P. Kalm

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