Evangelizing Mainframe

Where Does a Mainframe Fit in Cloud Architecture?

What about mainframes in the cloud? I formulated two aspects of how I think the mainframe running z/OS fits into this architecture.

Posted: 2/19/2015 3:40:39 PM by Bryan Smith

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What Happened to Gamification?

A couple years ago, I can remember blogging excitedly about how the tricks from the games industry were going to be incorporated into all sorts of things to make life more fun. But, strangely enough, I’m not seeing too much of it around at the moment. What happened?

Posted: 2/17/2015 5:00:03 AM by Trevor Eddolls

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Performance Tuning Can Enhance Mobile and the Mainframe

As the mainframe enters its 51st year, most experts acknowledge it must wholeheartedly embrace mobile and Web technologies to remain relevant. The platform is already making significant progress in these areas.

Posted: 2/10/2015 5:00:25 AM by Keith Banham

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Updated SHARE Mission and Logo Provides Focus

The newly incorporated mission statement is “SHARE is an independent, volunteer-run information technology association that provides education, professional networking and industry influence.” 

Posted: 2/3/2015 5:30:12 AM by James Vincent

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Smarter Computing Shares 13 Things to Know About the IBM z13

IBM’s Smarter Computing blog has a post by Ross Mauri, general manager, IBM z Systems, about 13 things to know about the z13.

Posted: 1/27/2015 3:13:46 AM by Valerie Dennis

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What Will We See in 2015?

I thought it would be fun to make some predictions about the technology we will see in 2015.

Posted: 1/20/2015 5:00:21 AM by Trevor Eddolls

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IBM Announces z13 Mainframe

IBM announces the next generation of mainframe, the IBM z13, which focuses on enterprises’ social, mobile, cloud, big data and analytics, and security needs. The new mainframe is designed to address current and future workloads.

Posted: 1/14/2015 8:01:30 AM by Valerie Dennis

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Stay Ahead of the High-Tech Curve With a Flexible, Agile and Responsive Enterprise

It often seems that as soon as we wrap our heads around one new idea as an enterprise, it changes shape, or something completely new comes down the creek and we're left reeling.

Posted: 1/6/2015 8:20:07 AM by Scott Steinberg

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Staying Healthy in a Green Screen Environment

All too often, you get into work, sit down in front of a computer screen and don’t seem to move until well past going-home time.

Posted: 12/16/2014 5:25:06 AM by Trevor Eddolls

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When to Sunset Your Green Screen Mainframe Development Environment

As experienced staff start to retire, one solution is for organizations to consider sunsetting their traditional 3270 development environment in exchange for something more modern.

Posted: 12/9/2014 4:34:55 AM by Keith Banham

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