Evangelizing Mainframe

When to Sunset Your Green Screen Mainframe Development Environment

As experienced staff start to retire, one solution is for organizations to consider sunsetting their traditional 3270 development environment in exchange for something more modern.

Posted: 12/9/2014 4:34:55 AM by Keith Banham | with 0 comments

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The Reports of Mainframe’s Demise Are Highly Exaggerated

In the world of technology, newer is often seen as better. While this may be true in some areas, there are some areas where older systems not only continue to work, but are actually better than the new technologies that were built to replace it.

Posted: 12/2/2014 5:53:16 AM by Bryan Smith and Daryl Wilson | with 0 comments

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Knowledge Transfer Is the Key to Mainframe Application Modernization

The rewards of modernizing complex applications are well understood, so why does it take so long to reap the rewards?

Posted: 11/25/2014 5:13:47 AM by Bob Buchanan | with 0 comments

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Conference Networking Skills

Learn how to start a conversation, get the most out of being away from the office with highly skilled professionals and improve your networking skills.

Posted: 11/18/2014 12:30:26 AM by Trevor Eddolls | with 0 comments

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Destination z Wins Silver Award From Content Council

The Content Council has named Destination z a 2014 Pearl Award Silver winner in the Best Use of Community/Social Media category.

Posted: 11/12/2014 2:30:18 PM by Valerie Dennis | with 0 comments

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See What’s Happening at Destination z

Your involvement in the mainframe technology community qualifies you for a no-cost membership to Destinationz.org—a community where all things mainframe converge. 

Posted: 11/4/2014 1:00:00 AM by Valerie Dennis | with 0 comments

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Apply Now for the 2014 Destination z Scholarship

Applications are now being accepted for the 2014 IBM Destination z Enterprise Computing Scholarship. Students who attend U.S. post-secondary schools that are members of both the Academic Initiative System z and Destination z are eligible to apply. 

Posted: 10/28/2014 5:17:18 AM by Troy Crutcher | with 0 comments

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Think IMS Is a Dinosaur? Guess Again

Now more than ever it’s important to pay attention to IMS solutions! Why? Because it’s the system of record—for banks, insurance, manufacturing, finance, medical/healthcare, airlines, education and a host of other industry verticals.

Posted: 10/21/2014 5:12:58 AM by Dusty Rivers | with 0 comments

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2014 IBM Master the Mainframe Contest Kicks Off

It’s time to “Hack the Gibson.” Part one of the 2014 IBM Master the Mainframe Contest for students across the Unites States and Canada has begun.

Posted: 10/15/2014 12:55:17 PM by Troy Crutcher | with 0 comments

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Disruptive Technology

If you think of technology as a kind of living organism, then it won’t surprise you to think of it developing, persisting, mutating, stagnating and finally declining. It’s a metaphor that you can apply to pretty much any technology you can think of.

Posted: 10/14/2014 5:19:57 AM by Trevor Eddolls | with 0 comments

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