Evangelizing Mainframe

Knowledge Transfer Is the Key to Mainframe Application Modernization

The rewards of modernizing complex applications are well understood, so why does it take so long to reap the rewards?

Posted: 11/25/2014 5:13:47 AM by Bob Buchanan | with 0 comments

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Member Spotlight

IT leader of Alazar Press, a publisher of children’s literature (with his daughters in the photo)

Alazar Press, an imprint of Royal Swan Enterprises 

Years in IT—
36 years

My first mainframe job—
I started out as a COBOL programmer trainee at Conrail Corporation in Philadelphia. After three months of training I was assigned to an analyst (Daniel J. Murphy) and started writing COBOL macro-level application programs. Daniel was the best systems analyst humanly possible and I appreciated his patience, skill and knowledge. It was an exciting time to be programming because Conrail was starting to migrate their CICS application to use CRTs.

My favorite mainframe memory—
I have a vivid memory of learning to become a systems programmer and installing and running CICS and other products. I left Conrail and went to Exide Company and had a great manager named Bob Morgan who spent money training me on BAL, SAM/DAM and other necessary technical topics. He helped me make the transition from application programmer to system programmer. My first product to install and support was CICS. After I installed and administered it, I submitted the job (using a card deck) to bring up the new release for the first time. When I saw the message—DFH1500 CONTROL IS BEING GIVEN TO CICS—I was delighted. After 36 years in IT, this is still my most vivid computing memory.

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