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Master the Mainframe and Legends of Z

9/7/2018 1:29:02 PM |

Master the Mainframe is one of the largest student competitions in the world. Students can win prizes while gaining unique skills that will land them a job at Fortune 500 companies around the world, and there’s no experience needed. This unique, virtual contest is open globally to high school and college students to progressively teach mainframe skills in a real-world enterprise computing environment.

Many educators use this contest to supplement their classroom with broader IT skills. To learn more about how students can benefit from Master the Mainframe and how educators can use it in class, see our faculty guide.

Educators can get their students ready for Master the Mainframe utilizing our contest preparation guide.

Announcing Legends of Z

Students are much more likely to succeed if they go through the contest with friends in a meetup. To encourage more meetups, we’re organizing a worldwide event the week of October 5 through October 14 called Legends of Z. Legends of Z is a worldwide week of code with thousands of students going through Master the Mainframe at the same time in their own local meetups.

How to Participate

  • Tell your local high school and/or university about Master the Mainframe and Legends of Z
  • Recruit a local computing club, girls in STEM club or other group to hold an event.
  • Work with the group of your choice to host an event
  • Encourage local businesses to host an event (this is a great way to recruit new talent)
  • Encourage local businesses to sponsor an event at a local school (community outreach)

You can read more about this event and the many ways people are leveraging it in my LinkedIn article.

Questions about Master the Mainframe? Contact Troy Crutcher at
Questions about Legends of Z? Contact Misty Decker at 


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