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Chief strategist (also cofounder, CEO, Chairman of the Board)

Mainframe Analytics ltd.
Years in IT—
33 since I graduated with my bachelor’s in computer science, plus four more of various relevant jobs and courses during that degree and one more of learning computers in high school (especially on Apple ][+) before that.

My first mainframe job—
CICS systems programmer for the Alberta, Canada Provincial Government in their Public Works, Supply and Services (APWSS) department.

My favorite mainframe attribute—
I love how the mainframe is a meeting of all of human history with our business, academic, military, government, technical, ethical, cultural and philosophical journeys. No other platform has the integrity of the mainframe that meshes so closely with the very best of what we have so far found about what it means to be truly human. In fact, I’m just finishing a master of arts in interdisciplinary humanities (philosophy, history and English) in which I plan for my thesis topic to be “The Humanity of the Mainframe.” While other platforms have taken a unidimensional or similarly limited approach to functionality, the mainframe covers 360 degrees of serving humanity with something that goes beyond the mere technology to the culture and entire ecosystem in a way that is able to be consistent with the apex of our historical understanding about wisdom. I love that! 

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